Welcome to the Land of Imagination and Discovery…


Take a quick walk through history with our giant prehistoric and scenic wildlife murals with over 30 objects to identify before moving along to test the huge 12 foot Sound Wall activated by the touch of your hand on the multiple shapes that cover the wall. Children can travel back in time as they play in our replica 1900’s Mercantile Store and a fully equipped 1920’s kitchen.


Parents of young toddlers will enjoy our Tot Spot, full of age appropriate toys and a Reading Tree, full of books for you to enjoy with your family. Our dress-up area with costumes for your sweet Fairy Princess or rambunctious Transformer.   Imagination works overtime in our puppet theater where great performances sprout from the minds of children.


Our living science lab is an animal lovers dream and home to our reptiles, small mammals and aquatic creatures.


You will have all of your senses teased and delighted with our hands on exhibits. From a smell station and a giant set of teeth, to the square wheel, there is always something that will bend your mind or senses. If you are the type of person who likes to tinker and solve puzzles, then you are sure to enjoy our Tinkering Studio Marble Wall and it’s endless possibilities.


You can’t escape a visit to Discovery Place Children’s Museum without a viewing of our ONE MILLION VOLT MUSICAL TESLA COILS. As 6 foot coronas spiral into the air and create a musical masterpiece of sight and sound, you will learn how fascinatingly beautiful and magical science can be. You will also learn a brief history on Nikola Tesla and how his coils originated. Donated by Richard Mathias and funded by the Mathias Family Trust and General Electric this exhibit certainly sets Discovery Place Children’s Museum apart from most all other attractions around.




Date Title Cost Maximum Participants  
06/02/15 Ballet Beginnings $25.00 25